This is part of a $33 million program to create housing in the province for seniors, for low income , and disabled British Columbians.

The housing complex will consists of factory-built modular homes that have been transported to Kimberley and placed on prepared foundations on the site at Valley View Lodge. The units will be grouped into one six-plex townhouse-style cluster. All the units will be on the ground level.

The units will be built by BC Housing. The Marysville Lions Housing Society will be the operators for the units. Construction will began in the Fall 2010 with the project to be completed by Spring of 2011.

Columbia Basin Trust committed $425,000 to the overall capital costs of seven sites in the Columbia Basin region for a total of 114 units under the Senior’s Rental Housing initiative. Projects will be built in Kimberley, Cranbrook, Creston, Baynes Lake, Golden, Revelstoke, and Valemount.

We already have a pretty good situation with senior’s housing at Valley View Lodge, now these additional six units compliment our existing thirty-five units.

Each new unit will be furnished with new stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer.

Assigned parking. All assigned parking has access to electrical plugs for the winter.

Newly Constructed Units
Picture 1
Picture 2.
Picture 3
Picture 1 & 2 are how the completed units will look, similar to these pictures.

Picture 3 is the typical floor plan of each new unit.

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